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It is important for us that you feel secure in the way we process your personal data. Personal data is all information directly or indirectly related to a natural living person (e.g. personal ID number, email addresses, name and postal addresses) (the ”Personal Data”). This Privacy Policy initially explains the main purposes of the policy. Thereafter, more detailed information follows regarding the Personal Data we process, the purposes for the processing, your rights and where you can turn to if you have questions or wish to make a complaint. It is important that you read and understand our Privacy Policy before you use our services.

The terms which are stated using capital letters in this Privacy Policy and which are not explained directly herein, for example the “Service”, are defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use. 

Policy updated: 2018-11-08


1. To ensure that you understand the information we collect with your permission and what we do and don’t do with it;

2. To explain how we use the information you share with us for us to develop a product and enable us to provide you with an optimal experience with it;

3. To clarify our obligations and protect your rights and your privacy.

Nyper AB is a controller for the processing of Personal Data through Doodlespot’s digital channels, such as websites, mobile applications and/or other future digital contact channels. In connection with use of Third-Party Applications (see the definition under section 7), the provider of such Third-Party Applications may be a controller for its processing of Personal Data.





Personal Data includes all types of information which may identify a person. When you register for the Service, we may request information from you such as your name, username, password, email address, phone number, date of birth, sex, address, post code and country. If you connect to the Service by using login details from a Third-Party Application (pursuant to the definition in the Terms and Conditions of Use), such as Google or Facebook, we need to collect your authentication information for the Third-Party Application, e.g. username and encrypted login details.


When you make a purchase via the Service, your credit or debit card information (e.g. card type and expiration date) and other financial data, which we require in order to process your payment, are collected and stored by us and/or the payment service provider with which we cooperate. We may also collect certain limited information, such as your postcode, mobile number and data regarding the transaction history for the Service, to the extent necessary to provide the Service. In addition, the payment service provider normally provides us with certain limited information regarding you, for example a unique token which enables you to make further purchases with the information they have stored, and your card type, expiration date and certain digits from your card number.


Doodlespot may provide functions which are dependent on the use of further information on your mobile device or which require access to certain services on your mobile device which will improve your experience. We will not gain access to your images or camera without first receiving your express permission, and we will never scan or import your image library or your camera roll. If you grant us permission to access your images or your camera, we will only use images which you specifically choose to share with us. You may use our application in order to choose the image(s) you choose to share, but we will never import images which you view, but rather those which you expressly share.  


Doodlespot uses cookies, among other things, to identify how the application is used. This is done in order to facilitate the user’s use of the Service. The cookie cannot identify the user personally but only the device or browser installed on the device used in connection with the visit. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you may set your browser to notify you when it receives a cookie. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to receive it or not. In order for our website and online services to work optimally, we recommend that you accept cookies.



Doodlespot only processes your Personal Data when there is a clear object and purpose for the processing. Doodlespot processes your Personal Data:


in order to provide, personalize and improve your experience with the Service and products and services (including products and services from third parties) which are made available in the Service, for example through providing custom, personal or localized content, recommendations, functions and advertisements within or outside the Service;


in order to carry out and deliver purchases made in the Service, including processing your payment or preventing or detecting fraud;


in order to ensure the technical functionality of the Service, develop new products and services and analyse your use of the Service, including your interaction with the app, advertisements, products, and services which are made available in, are linked to, or are offered via the Service;


in order to communicate with you for purposes related to the Service (e.g., for surveying customer satisfaction), via email, notifications or other messages;


in order to communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, for marketing and advertising purposes via email, notifications or other messages (you may always choose not to receive such communications);


in order to enable and market the Service and other services or products, either within or outside the Service;


in order to enforce this Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions of Use or the Terms and Conditions of Purchase which you have accepted, among other things, to protect rights and property or ensure security for Doodlespot, its users or any other person, or copyright- protected content in the Service; or


where required by law.


We will not disclose your Personal Data without your permission to any third party in any way other than as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


In certain cases, we use selected material, such as images, for marketing our service. However, we only do this if we first obtain special consent, which is collected separately and may be revoked (read more regarding your rights under section 5.3).



In connection with registering a user account, we ask for consent to process the Personal Data which is required for the registration of a user account, which means that you then consent to Doodlespot using and processing your Personal Data in accordance with the provisions set forth in this policy. Consent is required for use of the app. This consent may be revoked at any time. If you do not accept the contents of this Privacy Policy, please do not use Doodlespot’s digital channels or the Service.


We carry out Personal Data processing and communications with you for marketing or to provide information regarding new functions or products and services with your consent or based on a balancing of interests. You may at any time revoke your consent or object to further communications from us.


In connection with the purchase of products via the Service, personal data processing is necessary in order for Doodlespot to provide and deliver the Service and fulfil the agreement entered into with the users in connection with purchases.


If we wish to use your uploaded material for Doodlespot marketing of Doodlespot’s products and services, we shall only do so after receiving your consent.



Pursuant to law, you are entitled to know how we process your Personal Data. You are entitled to request information free of charge once per year regarding the information which has been stored or, in any other manner, has been processed by Doodlespot, a so-called filing system extract. Such a request must be made in writing and signed by you and sent to the address set forth below.



You are also entitled to request that the Personal Data that you provided us be transferred to another controller.


You are entitled at any time to revoke your consent to the processing of your Personal Data which is based on consent i.e. personal data processing under sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4 above. In the event you revoke your consent, we will cease processing such, however any material which contains Personal Data (e.g., images) which are already in print or in circulation may be processed even after your consent has been revoked.


In addition, you are entitled to have your Personal Data deleted, have incorrect Personal Data corrected and limit our processing of your Personal Data.


If you wish to exercise your rights or have any comments with respect to how we process your Personal Data, we request that you initially contact us (contact information is set forth below). If you are dissatisfied with the way we process your questions or complaints, you may turn to the competent supervisory authority, which is presently the Swedish Data Protection Authority.


Of course, you may also contact us if you have not received an answer to any question after reading this Privacy Policy.


Nyper AB

Örnbogatan 41

167 66 BROMMA


We do not transfer Personal Data to third countries (i.e., any non-EU/EEA country). In the event that this is necessary, for example if Doodlespot engages suppliers outside the EU/EEA to provide services, Doodlespot will take the appropriate safeguards in order to ensure that the transferred Personal Data is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and this Privacy Policy. In such case, Doodlespot shall enter into agreements with the suppliers which undertake to satisfy the requirements imposed by the data protection legislation with respect to third-country transfers, e.g. the provisions approved by the EU Commission regarding protection of personal privacy.



Doodlespot may engage independent providers for services in relation to our digital channels or the Service. These providers may process Personal Data and sometimes need access to Personal Data which is collected via the digital channels or the Service. We will always endeavour to limit such access to Personal Data and only share information which is reasonably required to enable the providers to perform their work or provide their services. We shall also require these providers to: (i) protect your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy; and (ii) not use or disclose your Personal Data for any purpose other than providing us with the agreed products or services.


Doodlespot is integrated with applications, websites and services from third parties (”Third-Party Applications”) for the purpose of making content, products and/or services available to you. If you log in using a Third-Party Application on Doodlespot, certain information, such as saved content and your activity, will be automatically shared between the Third-Party Application and Doodlespot.

A Third-Party Application’s use of information which the Third-Party Application has collected from you (or has been approved by you) is governed by the Third-Party Application’s privacy policy and your settings with respect to the relevant service. Doodlespot’s use of such information which has been collected via Third-Party Applications is governed by this Privacy Policy.



Doodlespot saves your Personal Data as long as it is necessary for the purposes of the processing.


Doodlespot saves your Personal Data so long as you are a registered user. If you choose to terminate your account with Doodlespot, the Personal Data which relates to you will be deleted.


In the event we process your Personal Data in order to communicate with you for purposes related to marketing or information based on your consent or following a balancing of interests, we will process the Personal Data until you revoke your consent or your Personal Data. We may need to save certain information for a longer period of time due to requirements imposed on us by law, e.g. for accounting of purchases which you have made via the Service.


The analytical data collected by Google Analytics is saved for 26 months and is thereafter automatically deleted.


Doodlespot takes all appropriate technical and organisational security measures required to protect your Personal Data against any unauthorised access, changes or destruction. However, this always entails a risk of disclosing Personal Data via digital channels, since it is not entirely impossible to protect technical systems from hacking.


The Privacy Policy may be updated, e.g. due to developments in our business processes or due to changes in legislation. The current version of the policy will always be shown on this page. DOODLESPOTs INTEGRITETSPOLICY